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August 06, 2008


Perri DuMar

Well, yes mom. That question is a good one and I find myself needing to look deeply into my own motives for the answer. When are motives ever absolutely pure? That’s a terrible guilt to live with but the truth. It would not be the truth if I said, "Yes! I only want to get a Tattoo with you! -And if it’s not with you then I don't want one!" The idea of getting a tattoo is exciting for me of course! However, I do not want a tattoo that means nothing. I don't want one of those cartoon character tattoos that I have to live with for the rest of my life. So maybe the fact that I want a tattoo comes first? But I certainly love the idea of us getting one together as a symbol of our growing relationship under the protection of Mother Mary because I can’t think of anything else that would mean as much to me. Not a symbol of a bad mistake I made when I was drunk! I love the idea of getting a tattoo together as well as the idea of getting one with Aunt Joe and Mae in honor of Grammy. So, to rap up... I can’t say that my desire for a tattoo is purely one way or the other. I want a tattoo because it’s an exciting way for me to grow up, but I don’t want one unless it means something very important to me; somthing that I won't get bored with like the wall color in my bedroom!

Hope I made sense,

Love Perri.

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